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We know that in order to feel good, you should exercise for a short period of time every day! 

One of the methods we teach our members is called Human Harmony Training and is a unique free exercise method that mimics daily movements in a way that can be easily performed by anyone. The method was developed by Jonathan Hoffman, the inventor of CoreAlign®.

We teach 30 different Harmony exercises that should be done daily. Whereby the time required is limited to only 5 minutes.

Once you have learned this routine, you can train on your own at home, in the office or in a hotel. After three months of training, you will see the benefits and begin to develop a great look and feel about your own body. 

More videos coming soon!!!

Human Harmony Training Mat

10 movement to start with!

Standing Human Harmony Basic

10 basic movement of standing

Standing Human Harmony Intermediate

10 Basic + 10 Intermediate

Standing Human Harmony Advance

10 Basic + 10 Intermediate + 10 Advance

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