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My Story


Sport is my life!

When I was young, I already participated in long running competitions at school. I was lucky enough to study at boarding school and run on the beach.... 

Later I realized that I wanted to teach sports and exercise.

At the age of 20 I trained as a gymnastics teacher and my first job was at Holmes Place, working in different studios in different cities. I enjoyed it a lot, but I wanted to learn more, so I flew to New Zealand to work as a personal trainer at Les Mills Auckland. There I started working out at a local Pilates studio because I was stiff in my shoulders and back. After 8 months of doing Pilates twice a week, my body was like a machine! My pain was gone! I felt stronger than ever and connected to my body.

I knew Pilates was my future! So I began Pilates training for the next 2 years.

During my vacation on the island of Samoa, I met my Swiss wife. Shortly after, we decided to go back to Tel Aviv, where I worked as a master trainer and Pilates teacher. With my experience, I started combining gymnastics and Pilates machine training for my clients. The results were phenomenal!

I completed 2 more full trainings in modern and rehab Pilates.

After the birth of our daughter, we moved to Switzerland. I worked as a Gym Manger in Holmes Place Jalmoli Zurich. I quickly realized that office work was not for me! I decided to open my own Pilates studio on Badenerstrasse in Zurich. After a few years, I started working with Homes Place and moved my studio to their location in Oberrieden. In 2014 I opened my own Pilates studio in Thalwil and after 7 years I opened the studio in Kilchberg Zurich. Currently I am completing the bridge program to Classic Pilates with Keren Patzia, Master Pilates with Jay Grimes, student of Joseph Pilates.  


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