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How to live a better life with your body & mind

To most of us has a difficulty to find connection to our self during the day! It can be because of busy life, stress , a lot of informations, leak of movement and more...

We all know the benefits of making sports and physical activity. for exampl: physical activity helps those with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. In the mental realm, fitness helps us release tension and aggression and distracts us from everyday's troubles. During physical activity, substances are released that make you feel good and relieve pain.

In our busy life, it's not easy to find a time for activity. So how we can organise?

  1. Think simple.

  2. Take the stairs in instead the elevator.

  3. Walk sort distances.

  4. Take the bicycles instead the car.

  5. drink a lot of water

  6. Write in your dairy the training slot.

  7. Train in time and date that fit to you.

  8. Remember the benefits of making sport.

  9. Short and effective training.

Important is to move and make some activity every day...

We at Pilates Together GmbH present you a self training at home.

A program of max. 5 minutes daily, teach you 10 different simple movements. Supported with videos that allow you to move, improve, connect and live a better life.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


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