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We at Pilates Together are proud to cooperate with company COSMETIX SA which exclusively markets the cosmetic products of the leading company JEAN D’ARCEL. It is important to us that you feel good and look good!
All that's left is to choose the product via the link below and enter the discount code and it's that simple!

A little about the company:


For over 25 years, the company COSMETIX SA in Kilchberg has been selling the professional cosmetics line JEAN D'ARCEL exclusively in Switzerland. Every development from JEAN D'ARCEL meets the highest standards of effectiveness and tolerability. It is produced in Germany, in its own state-of-the-art production facilities.


Passion & Expertise


We are united by the enthusiasm for effective and high-quality skin care. Many years of experience as well as regular further training of our own research, development and academy team as well as state-of-the-art technology in laboratory and production form the basis for translating the latest findings from aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetic surgery into effective skin care.




For us, impact is not a marketing promise, but we actually achieve the desired effect. We use the latest active ingredients and active ingredient technologies - from plant stem cells to high-tech encapsulation and transport mechanisms such as liposomes and vectorization




Highest quality is a self-image for us. Thus, we only use high-quality active ingredients from well-known manufacturers in effective concentrations.

Here the link to our website:


Here ist the Link to our e-shop:


You can use this coupon-code jdashay2324 an will get a discount of 10%:

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