Over 25 years of experience working as a movement and Pilates trainer around the world I have developed a unique approach based on the original principles of Joseph Pilates. I have complementary theories that allow working on special parts of the body.

What I learned from all my years of experience is to return to the basics of human movements. The simple principles of Joseph Pilates emphasized that it is most effective for a person to achieve results in an easy and fast way.

I have chosen variant working techniques, that complement the mobility and flexibility of the body in the most natural way.

"Pilates is complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit."  Joseph Pilates 

The main method of Joseph Pilates is to perform exercises in lying and sitting positions. Not much while standing.  From my experience I realized that it is important to practice movements in a natural human position: stand upright! So I completed my training concept with an addition of the CoreAlign® method.

It is important for me to teach my clients advanced knowledge based on the principles of Pilates and CoreAlign® method so that they can accumulate personal knowledge and train at home, in the office or everywhere. Thereby the clients improve their personal abilities independently. So I am proud to present the Human Harmony Training method. A Method without any tools or gear, that is possible to perform at any time and any place.