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 Eat By Alex


Inspired by the biogerontologist Dr. Valter Longo, this 5-day fasting-mimicking program is a restricted calorie diet that mimics a fast by creating a ketogenic state while still consuming nourishing soups, energy bars and other crunchy snacks.


For this special guided version of A-Life and in addition to all your meals for 5 days, the Eat by Alex expert team will guide you and the rest of the group for this fasting-mimicking experience via WhatsApp group chat. You will also have access to live & on-demand workouts from our partners.

Monday November 24rd between 16:30 and 22:00.

November 27rd between 16:30 and 22:00.
Booking is open until the morning of Nov. 27 to join us for that week!


    • 5 breakfasts | raw granola bar

    • 5 lunches | soup + snacks

    • 5 dinners | soup + snacks

    • in-between meal snacks like nuts, Medjool dates, power balls and olives


100% Vegan, whole food, and organic. All our meals are refined sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.
Once received, promptly move all items to a refrigerator. For optimal freshness, please consume the contents within 7 days.


Nutrition Facts:

Day 1 | 1’100 whole food calories
Day 2 – 5 | 800 whole food calories


Workouts Included:

We encourage light to medium exercise during your A-Life week. Our partners have put together a special program adapted to your needs. You can join live yoga from Monday to Friday and on-demand workouts that are accessible at all times.


Also Included:

    • Group chat guidance by the Eat by Alex expert team

    • A-Life Guide E-Booklet

    • Vitamin & mineral supplements

    • Herbal Pukka teas

    • Magnesium bath salts

We at Pilates Together Studio strive to bring you customers collaborations that will help you live a more balanced life. We have started a collaboration with Eat by Alex that offers home nutrition services in uncompromising quality! 

Only for members: 
50 CHF discount!!!  


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