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Pilates Mat & Tower Class

Group Class Up To 5 People. Please press Explore Plans down in red!

  • Dauer variiert
  • 50 Swiss francs
  • Pilates Together GmbH


Tower & Mat Lessons are a great way to work out in a small group environment up to 5 people. Using classical reformer mat, springs, pullies and bars to stabilize the movement and connect into the body with deepening the senses of the core and stabilization effectively and safely.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Umbuchung & Kündigung

PilatesTogether reserves the right to cancel a lesson if there are not enough participants registered! Tower & Mat classes - minimum 2 people. All machine class - minimum 2 people. Dual training - minimum 2 people.


  • Bächlerstrasse 36, Kilchberg, Switzerland

    078 695 90 09

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